Ryuu Orochi (2021)
My personal brand logo that follows the emblem genre! 
My logo is inspired by the Japanese Kamon, Hannya mask from Japanese theatre and and Men-yoroi (a sarai half mask). 
I've been able to strengthen my logo design with alternative functions I could achieve. In these examples you see a combination mark, a tall logo, and just the emblem itself.
My color choices were a charcoal black, metallic gold and ash white. This color scheme imitates classical samurai armor color schemes.
By studying traditional Japanese patterns or Wagara, I was able to create my own graphic patterns that follow strong repetition, rhythm and unity. 
Since my brand approaches a feudal Japanese theme the use of serif font matched a more bold a traditional theme closely. Montserrat offered a strong contrast to not detract from the primary font. 
My personal business card.
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