No Völkisch, No Quarter! (2021)
These were the final designs of a T-Shirt campaign involving anti-fascist idealism. It was nice being able to approach a darker theme related to politic conflict. 
Client Mission and Values 
Stag's Head Studios was inspired by several factors, but to me it means to stand in defense of what I hold dear; the planet, my faith, and the rights of other human beings to live in peace. The caption is specifically leveled as a threat to the Völkisch, a faction of Heathens who believe that "the wh*te race" are the only ones who should be welcome in Heathen practices. They range anywhere from quiet separatists to violent extremists, none of them are welcome in most spaces for modern Heathenry. The 127 is referencing Declaration 127, a universal document signed and/or supported by hundreds of heathen organizations, businesses, and noted individuals within our community.
Graphic Tee Variations
Graphic Tee Mock-Ups
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